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Latest Updates
  • Mezoblanca launches new products. visit Pocket Starter for updates

  • MIT Students got selected for project presentation at international conference,Beijing.

  • MIT Student got first prize in project exhibition held at PSG Tech, Coimbatore.

  • Our students won 3rd prize in project excibition held at kumarasamy College, Karur.

  • Our student got 200 out of 200 for the his embedded project, Zigbee vehicle access control system, this year.

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Mezoblanca Information Technologies (MIT) is a Division of Mezoblanca Solutions(I) Private Limited, which is a gateway to Research and Development in the area of software development with wide variety of latest engineering technologies. We are one of the best project centers in Coimbatore. We are continuously working for the success of our client and deliver new innovative ideas and Solutions to the clients. We  found  a big gap in technology transfer between  industries and educational institutions.

    Our   mission is to  act as  a  catalyst and  to  bridge the  gap between the industry and educational   institutions.  We  are   well  equipped  with   experienced  innovative   Engineers  and Technical staff members. MIT help individuals to enhance their creativity and build Knowledge that creates opportunities. Thus we deliver a result  that  maximizes  students technical skills with practical knowledge at affordable cost & time.

    As a part of the projects and development training, we offer Projects keeping in view, the latest emerging trends and technologies under Parallel  Development Process. This will definitely help the students in a better way and a stepping-stone for  their future  studies, placements  in industries and companies.

    We do projects on IEEE Transactions, Science Direct & all International Research Papers  using "Java, Dotnet, Matlab, Labview, PHP, Android, NS2, NS3, Glomosim,  Embedded systems".

   "Price is what you pay, Value is what you get" - MIT

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